Thinny 2: a Jekyll theme

The Infinite's Nymphet has a new look, a new codename, and a new platform!

, in 22 January 2014

Three months ago, I released an (unfinished) theme for Ghost 0.3: Thinny 0.3, codename “Alexandra”. But now I’m migrating my blog to Jekyll, and also migrating the theme. With a brand new look, Thinny 2 also brings a lot of new features and polishment. Actually, it was completely remaked.

Thinny 2.0, codename “Bianca

This new version of Thinny goes deeper with the initial idea of a big image before the post. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we expanded the concept. I mean, literally. The post image (or video!) is now full width and full height, and can be easily add with the use of a variable.


Lists and text formatting

You can use various HTML tags:

  1. Citations, like — Thinny, should use <cite>.
  2. Deleted text should use <del> and inserted text should use <ins>.
  3. Superscript text uses <sup> and subscript text uses <sub>.

Messages, code and images

This is a warning message. Now, you can keep falling in love with this theme...

You can add code elements with highlight support:

{% include image.html url="/media/2014-01-22-thinny-2/bianca.jpg" width="100%" description="Image captions are supported out of the box. Brilliant!" %}

Will output this:

Image captions are supported out of the box. Brilliant!
Image captions are supported out of the box. Brilliant!


Thinny also support html tag <table>:

Version Codename Platform
0.3 Alexandra Ghost 0.3.x
2.0 Bianca Jekyll
2.1 Cosette Jekyll

Mobile version

Coming soon…


Did you liked it? You can download Thinny on GitHub.

Want to see something else added? Open an issue.